CMLA actively supports numerous industry standardization efforts to ensure compatibility and extend CMLA support to new technologies for delivering premium entertainment content.

OMA Digital Rights Management

OMA DRM version 2 specifications define end to end protocols and methods for protected content distribution. OMA DRM is independent of media formats, operating systems, and runtime environments allowing protection of a wide variety of media objects.

The OMA DRM is the only major digital management rights system that was developed within an open industry standards forum with contributions from dozens of participants including device manufacturers, software companies, service providers, and content owners. CMLA supports up to the latest approved version of the OMA DRM specification, v2.1. more here

Mobile Broadcast

CMLA Mobile Broadcast protected services enable a wide range of offerings defined by service providers and broadcasters. The related standards are listed here.


The OMA DRM specification has been extended to support broadcast services. CMLA supports the DRM Profile within the OMA Mobile Broadcast Services. more here


ETSI TS 102.474, "IP Datacast over DVB-H: Service Purchase and Protection" The solution in Annex B (18Crypt) is fully integrated with OMA DRM v2 for support of both service protection and content protection. more here


CMLA supports the UltraViolet™ system for protection of high quality video entertainment including the UltraViolet™ Common File Format specification. more here

CMLA was an early proponent and partner with DECE and was the first DRM to be declared deployment-ready within the UltraViolet™ ecosystem. CMLA continues to actively support the development and deployment of UltraViolet™ services.


ISO/IEC 23009-1:2012, "Information technology — Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) — Part 1: Media presentation description and segment formats". download here

Common Encryption

ISO/IEC 23001-7: 2011, "Information technology – MPEG systems technologies – Part 7: Common encryption in ISO base media file format files"

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