News and Announcements

January 09, 2014 - Technical Specification Updated

CMLA has updated the CMLA Technical Specification to Version 1.43-20131218. It is now available for download.
The change in this version includes only:

  • Reference section 2:
    Update DECE specifications references and add a XML signature reference
  • Add to section 17.4:
    DSP access to domain key was changed and use of the new DomainInformationRequest() was added to end of section

May 07, 2014 - First UVPlayer supporting the UltraViolet 1.1 specification

CMLA adopter castLabs has introduced the first UVPlayer supporting the UltraViolet 1.1 specification. The Android player uses the Common File Format (CFF) standard for downloads, and supports 1080p HD playback with CMLA-OMA DRM for content security.

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