OMA CMLA enables the protection and delivery of premium digital media by providing a trust model for the industry developed Digital Rights Management standard from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). While the OMA specifications provide the protocols and interoperability mechanisms, the CMLA trust authority provides the licensing system and associated security certificates to protect media content for client and service implementers.

CMLA and OMA DRM are independent of media formats, operating systems, and runtime environments allowing protection of a wide variety of media objects. The content owner has complete control to define the use and consumption of their valuable content.

The OMA DRM is the only major digital management rights system that was developed within an open industry standards forum with contributions from dozens of technology leading companies including device manufacturers, software companies, service providers, and content owners. CMLA will to continue to expand its support of OMA DRM as the standard evolves over time.


  • DRM technology specifications are from OMA
  • In return for compliance assurance, CMLA provisions keying material to Client Adopters with which to manufacture devices or applications and, to Service Providers who, in turn, provision OMA DRM protected content/rights to compliant devices

You can read more about OMA here.

CMLA Agreements

You can find and download the CMLA License Agreements here.

CMLA Specifications

You can find and download the CMLA Technical Specifications here.